About us

We are the first urban running club in Iran. Our job is to run and create a distinct feeling by running. Tehrun Club is our brand’s name. Tehrun Club has more than 10,000 runners and you can be one of us. Tehrun Club is not only for professional runners, anyone of any age and any level of fitness can run with Tehrun or learn how to run and enjoy it.
The most popular program in Tehrun is the Friday morning program, in which we choose a route of approximately 10 kilometers inside the city and we all run together. Tehrun's Friday program started in 2017 and back then there were less than a handful of people running, but currently, more than 1000 people participate in our Friday programs on a weekly basis. Tehrun Club's activity is not limited to running events, we are also active in the field of "proper running form” training.
Tehrun Club has the most experienced group running coaches in the country and organizes preparation classes for endurance running. Currently, we hold 30 training classes in the west and east of Tehran city with about 15 trainers.
Also, Tehran Club and its team participate in most international competitions and provide you with the opportunity to participate in these competitions as well. Tehran Club organizes its own competitions and has close cooperation with the Athletics Federation IR of IRAN and the National Olympic Committee. Tehrun Club organizes the Persian Gulf International Marathon, which is the biggest international competition in the country.

Tehrun Club in the press

Athletics Federation must learn!

Men and women ran side by side without any problems in the running race held by the private sector at Azadi Stadium. An event that the Athletics Federation could not hold in the Pars International Marathon.

Tehran's leading runners in the development of public sports

Tehran - IRNA - The population-based sports clubs in the country, which have started extensive activities, especially in the capital these days, are taking a big step in the direction of developing public sports and fulfilling the demands of the Supreme Leader.

Running in Iran; From the separation of genders to the security overview

Running in the streets of the big cities of the world is one of the most common scenes that citizens happen to see every day. But it’s a different story in Iran. Runners face many problems, from the "indifference" and "unprofessional attitude" of officials to the issues that stand in the way of women running. Read the report.


Tehrun Club took a step towards raising awareness about cancer

Every year, Mahak charity joins the global campaign of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) to provide more awareness to society about the issue of cancer for children and the importance of early detection of this disease.