About Our Workshops

Tehrun Club workshops are specially designed for both ordinary people and professional runners to increase the level of knowledge and skills of runners. Therefore, some workshops are for regular participants and some are for professional runners. 

The courses are held with the highest quality standards and by the most experienced trainers and coaches. 

Usually, the duration of the workshops is one to three days and the contents are presented in an accelerated form. 


مبانی تئوری دو استقامت جمعه ۵ اسفند / ۱۰ تا ۱۳

Further Info
32 نفر
جمعه ۵ اسفند / ۱۰ تا ۱۳
Registration Fee:
220.000 تومان
شمیران سنتر، پردیس سینمایی، سالن ارغوان
توجه: این کارگاه صرفا مخصوص اعضای تهران کلاب میباشد که از عضویت آنها و حضورشان در کلاس ها بیش از 6 ماه میگذرد.  
  • بررسی ورزشهای استقامتی (دوهای استقامت) و جوانب آن
  • نکات کلیدی و کاربردی روانشناسی ورزشی در ورزشهای استقامتی
  • آشنایی با اصول اولیه فیزیولوژی و تغذیه ورزشی و نکات کاربردی در دوهای استقامت
  • آناتومی و اصول اولیه حرکات بدن و نکات کاربردی در مورد دویدن
  • شناخت برخی آسیبهای رایج در دوهای استقامت

مهلت ثبت نام به پایان رسیده است

Become a runner (first period) July 9-10, 2019

Further Info
40 people
July 9-10, 2019
Registration Fee:
Shahid Keshvari or Shiroudi stadium track

Theory class venue:

Thursday, July 9 

   Kharazmi University, Shahid Keshvari Stadium from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM 


Practical class venue: 

Friday, July 10 

  "Shahid Keshvari" stadium track from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Are you ready for the “Become a Runner” workshop??!!

In this workshop, we will share these contents together; 1- The start of an incredible journey 2- What should I take with me on this trip? 3- Will my lifestyle change during this trip? 4- Am I ready to start at all? 5- How can I not spoil this fascinating trip? 6- What are the secrets of success to reaching the destination?


Workshop duration: 2 days (6 hours in total)

One day of theory (3 hours of theory classes)

One practical day (3 hours of practical work)


Course instructors:

Hamid Etemadi

Bodybuilding coach in the National Olympic Committee

Founder of Tehrun Club

Great reputation in sports and two championships and coaching achievements 1994-2020


Shabnam Rezvan Nobahar

Faculty member of Kharazmi University

International instructor of track and field and physical fitness

Former member of the national track and field team and runner-up of Asia


Course fee: 275,000 Tomans

Awards for your participation:

   Certificate of participation in the “Become a Runner” workshop from Tehrun Club 

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