I hereby declare that I have read all the following and I am committed to carrying them out: 1: I have reviewed the training route in advance and am aware of all the environmental factors and urban obstacles along the route. 2: During the exercise, it is required to use sports equipment and use sidewalks and safe routes for pedestrians, and if there is a requirement to cross intersections, avoid any dangerous movement by maintaining precautions and respecting the right of way. 3: I have the appropriate health and physiological preparation to participate in the exercise and in case of any injury such as shortness of breath, heart problems, bone damage, etc., I take responsibility for the medical consequences and assistance. 4: I am required to comply with all the written laws of the Islamic Republic regarding clothing, behavior, and social norms. And I bear all the consequences of not complying with these principles. 5: My participation is because of sports activities and I do not pursue any political or social goals. 6: I take responsibility for the care and protection of all my personal belongings during training. I agree with all the above conditions. [*] (By confirming the above, I waive the right of any complaint from TehRUN Club’s staff and members) [*]