Smart Running Training Class - Beginner

Who is this course suitable for:
  • Beginners and those who want to lose weight.
  • Non-runners who want to start running in a proper way.
What you will learn in this course:
  • You will get to learn different training systems.
  • You will experience different types of running.
  • You will learn the basic movements or the ABC of track and field in the proper way.
  • You will get to learn a little about runners’ bodybuilding and functional training.
  • In short, at the beginning of each practical training session, you will be familiarized with the theoretical topics of physical and physiological fitness, nutrition, and exercise science.
After this course you will:
  • Your running form will be improved to some extent.
  • Your cardiovascular fitness will improve.
  • You will be prepared to enter the next course.