Smart Running Class - Online
تعداد جلسات: 40 جلسه آنلاین
Capacity Full
شروع کلاس: شنبه 16 اردیبهشت ماه 1402
Class Fee: 2.800.000 Tomans
Class duration:
8 weeks
Event day(s):
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This class is designed for two levels of preparation:
  • 10 Km
  • Half Marathon (21.1 km) and Marathon (42.2 km)
The process of holding a class:
  • The duration of the course is 8 weeks
  • ۴۰ برنامه تمرینی
  • 6 group running sessions with the Tehran club team on Fridays
  • 4 face-to-face technique correction sessions
What you will learn in this course:
  • You will get to learn different training systems.
  • You will experience different types of running.
  • You learn the basic movements or abc of athletics in the correct way.
  • You will get to learn a little about runners’ bodybuilding and functional training.
  • In short, at the beginning of each practical training session, you will be familiarized with the theoretical topics of physical and physiological fitness, nutrition, and exercise science.
After this course you will:
  • You will see your record improve compared to the leveling session.
  • Your cardiovascular fitness will improve.
  • Your stamina will increase.
How to hold an online class:
  • The training program is provided online every week.
  • Each session, the instructor provides a brief explanation about the program and how to implement it online.
  • Doing the exercise individually and at the desired time and place.
  • The results of your training will be checked by the assistant coach and the necessary feedback will be sent online.
  • Each class includes 2 to 4 face-to-face or online sessions to solve problems and improve technique.

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