TehrunClub Team

Nader Vahab Aghaei

Nader Wahab Aghaei has a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanics and a Doctorate in Business Administration and is an amateur runner with a winning attitude. He has worked in various fields including business consulting and management in various industries and fields. Nader cooperates with Tehran in LinkedIn networking and management. The story of how Nader was acquainted with Tehrun Club is one worthy of learning. Nader tells us: "I had been away from the world of sports (bicycling and basketball) for many years, and as usual in the 40s, I was overweight and had physical ailments. My job was to sit and manage, and this aggravated it. I was a single runner. For three years I ran for myself so that maybe the quality of my running could reach that of the people I’d seen on Strava. But every day I was faced with a more tired and fatigued body. By chance, I met Mo’oud Tavakoli in an IT project and realized his connection with Tehrun Club. In 2019, I participated in Tehrun Club's 1400 Nowruz Challenge to improve my record. The coincidence of these two events made me eager to join the classes in Tehrun. I decided to change my position after many years and instead of being a lecturer and teacher I went to become a student for a while and promised myself to continue if I see positive changes. Since then, a year has passed and I have become a member of the Tehrun team, my progress has not only improved, but now I even consider myself a pure Tehrun Clubber. Running has not only changed my lifestyle, it even changed my business motivations. My goal in life previously was to be in business and reach high management and CEO positions, but now I'm just looking for a place where I can have my own work as a consultant and devote my free time to sports. "