1400 Challenge
2021 March 20, Sunday / Distance: 10 or 21 km
Start point: Anywhere You are

Event is Finished!

About Event

Challenge details:

Tehrun Club's 1400 Challenge is a different start that commences on March 20, 2021, and ends on April 2, 2021, giving you the opportunity to run a unique race.
You can choose one of the two announced distances based on the presented table and prepare yourself for this year's Nowruz trip.
Please complete all the registration form fields carefully (especially the address and postal code) so that there is no problem in sending the 1400 challenge packs.
Before registering on the site, register on the Strava application and become a member of the 1400 Tehrun Club challenge, because you will need your Strava ID when registering.
(If you are not familiar with Strava, you can get help from this Link  )
Register your progress in this application on a daily basis so that our team can monitor it.

Registration in STRAVA Club, 1400 Challenge, Tehrun Club 

1400 Challenge pack:
For all participants; The challenge pack, including the following items, will be prepared and sent:
1) T-shirt
2) Badge (Bib number)
3) Certificate
4) New Year greeting card


Description of the challenge:

This challenge will be held during 14 days and in two distances, so you should choose one of the distances based on your ability at the time of registration and travel a certain distance daily based on the kilometers announced in the relevant tables.

Aiding Raad Charity through Tehrun Club 

Dear friends, as in the past, a part of the registration capacity of the challenge has been considered to help a charity, so that in addition to health, we have a share in helping our fellow humans. For this purpose, 30 participation packages in the challenge with the amounts of five hundred thousand tomans, seven hundred thousand tomans and one million tomans, will be donated to the handicapped.

Also, an appreciation bred from Raad charity will be presented to the generous donators as a souvenir.

Please note that all the registrations that are done through the link to help the Raad charity and with the mentioned amounts will belong to the charity.


Registering the information of runners of the 1400 Tehran Club challenge 


Thank you for being with us in this challenge, please complete the form below.

Receiving the 1400 Tehrun Club challenge certificate 

After the challenge is over, enter your bib number here so that you can download the certificate of participation in this challenge!