Velayat Park

Description of the challenge: 

This time, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tehran's 16th Region, we will start from the runway of Qale Morghi Airport, and we will all run 10 kilometers together on Friday, April 19.

The weather forecast says it is going to rain, so come prepared.

P.S: Would you believe that the meteorologist was right? What a rain it was. Except for the 418 runners who were there, the rest of the participants were greatly missed!


1398 Challenge

Challenge details:

Nowruz and its challenge...!

During the 15 days of the Nowruz holiday, run at least 98 km wherever you can and wherever you are.
Just be with us.

P.S: 700 runners participated in the challenge.

Chitgar Park

Challenge details:

We are waiting for you on Friday morning in the western parking lot of the Persian Gulf Lake to continue the 12 km distance in the heart of the Chitgar Forest Park with the trail.


P.S: 289 runners participated in the challenge.

Park-e-Shahr urban run

Challenge details:

We run a distance of 16 kilometers in the City Park (Park-e-Shahr) with the permission of the Municipality of Tehran District 12 and the Federation of Public Sports.

This park is one of the oldest parks in the capital. Its suitable space and the variety and age of the plant species that are found there can create a memorable experience for runners.


P.S: 203 runners participated in the challenge.


Mounting Damavand

Challenge details:

Hiking is one of those cool sports that brings a good feeling. Always when we go hiking for fun, at the time we chose to go up, all the early bird athletes have finished their route and are coming back down. What draws our attention is that everyone seems to know each other. Although they are strangers, they pass by each other and salute on another

That's why we decided to join the happy mountaineers this time. How so? Let's follow the footprints of the professionals and let's go to the conquest of Damavand peak!


There were 25 people at the start, and 22 of us managed to climb to the peak in two days.