Velayat Park

Description of the challenge: 

This time, in cooperation with the Municipality of Tehran's 16th Region, we will start from the runway of Qale Morghi Airport, and we will all run 10 kilometers together on Friday, April 19.

The weather forecast says it is going to rain, so come prepared.

P.S: Would you believe that the meteorologist was right? What a rain it was. Except for the 418 runners who were there, the rest of the participants were greatly missed!


1398 Challenge

Challenge details:

Nowruz and its challenge...!

During the 15 days of the Nowruz holiday, run at least 98 km wherever you can and wherever you are.
Just be with us.

P.S: 700 runners participated in the challenge.

Persian Gulf Marathon

Challenge details:

This is Iran's first marathon!!

You can hear our voice from Tehrun Club.

In Kish Island, next to the Persian Gulf, a marathon will be held for the first time. Each of us runs between 10, 21, and 42 kilometers based on our capabilities.

The Island Sports Department and the Athletics Federation are accompanying us.


P.S: 650 runners participated in this marathon.


Sorkhe Hesar jungle park event

Challenge details:


This time, the Tehrun event is a little different from the previous events. First, it will be held in two sections, 10 kilometers for amateur runners and 20 kilometers for professional runners. Second, the trail route is chosen as a return trip, so our starting and ending point will be SorKheh Hesar’s spring.


P.S: 289 runners participated.

City Trail

Challenge details:

You came with us shoulder to shoulder pretty strongly last week. That's why this week we are going more distance together and we are also trying the trail route urban run. From the beginning of Alef street, we go 11 km to the first Tochal station.

Anyone who’s down with us, cheers!


P.S: 221 people participated in this event.

Niavaran urban run

This urban run, in collaboration with Astra Cafe, start from Niavaran, Bahonar Street. In this event, we decided to run a distance of 8 kilometers.


P.S: 189 runners participated in this event.