Family championship in Dubai Marathon 2023


2023 Dubai Marathon Results
The first Dubai Marathon since 2019 was held today.

To get the results for amateur runners or see spltis or 5km leaderboards, go to the race’s timing website .

An interesting event in this period was the simultaneous championship of "Abdisa Tola" and "Dara Dida", the brother and wife of the world champion "Tamirat Tola".

The men’s race was won by world champ Tamirat Tola‘s younger brother, Abdisa Tola in 2:05:42 in his marathon debut. The 22-year old has a 59:54 half pb.

The women’s race was won by 2019 World XC silver medallist Dera Dida. Reuters is reporting that she is Tamirat Tola’s wife. So Tola’s brother and wife won Dubai. Wow.

In three previous marathons, Dida had never run faster than 2:21:45 or finished higher than fifth but she won in a 2:21:11 pb.

As in the past, Ethiopians dominate the ranking list.

Dera DidaIn the men’s race a pack of 13 men hit halfway in 62:31-62:33 but by 30k (1:28:53, 2:05 flat pace) the lead pack was down to 8.

At 40k (1:59:06 (2:05:38 pace), 4 men were still in contention.

Eventual race runner-up Deresa Gelete, who had a 2:07:30 pb coming in, skipped the drink station just after 40k and briefly led but Tola came back and started to break away around the 2:00:50 mark.

In the women’s race, 11 women hit halfway in a modest 71:36 but like in the men’s race the lead pack was down to 8 at 30k (1:41:25 – 2:22:38 pace).

The pace greatly accelerated between 30k and 40k as Dida ran the 5k from 30k to 35k in 16:40 and then ran 16:00 between 35k and 40k.

At 40k (2:14:05. 2:21:06 pace), Dida has a two-second lead on 2:18 marathoner Ruti Aga, the 2019 Tokyo champ, and she never relinquished it.

Iranians participating in this year's competition in Dubai, like every year, were able to get acceptable results.

It is noteworthy that the good runner of our country, Mohammad Haghigi, was able to remain in the leading group until the 30th kilometer, and Reza Abootorabi, an Iranian runner from Sweden, was able to register a time of 2 hours, 17 minutes, and 52 seconds to be placed in the fourteenth place among men.

In the women's 10 km race, Parisa Arab, the champion of Iran, was able to break the Iranian women's record with a time of 34 minutes and 41 seconds.


Dubai Marathon 2023 full movie

The results of the 2023 Dubai Marathon


  1. Tola Adera, Abdisa (ETH) 02:05:42
  2. Gelete Ulfata, Deresa (ETH) 02:05:51
  3. Alew Engdayehu, Haymanot (ETH) 02:05:57
  4. Abraha Adihana, Gebretsadik (ETH) 02:06:08
  5. Misgenaw Tegegne, Abraraw (ETH) 02:06:39
  6. Husen Gebi, Kemal (ETH) 02:08:09
  7. Alemu Moreda, Dechasa (ETH) 02:08:48
  8. Belay Mekonen, Alene (ETH) 02:09:19
  9. Assfaw Assen, Abdu (ETH) 02:09:46
  10. Nyakola Gela, Teresa (ETH) 02:10:01
  11. Negash Gebretsadik, Weldu (NOR) 02:13:00
  12. Mekonnen Asefa, Tsegaye (ETH) 02:13:24
  13. Girma Tolese, Adamu (ETH) 02:14:04
  14. Reza Abootorabi, Mohammad (SWE) 02:17:52


  1. Dida Yami, Dera (ETH) – 02:21:11
  2. Aga Sora, Ruti (ETH) – 02:21:24
  3. Yirga Dagne, Siranesh (ETH) – 02:21:59
  4. Wereta Admasu, Fikrte (ETH) – 02:22:50
  5. Getnet Belew, Tigst (ETH) – 02:23:17
  6. Kitata Tolwak, Meseret (ETH) – 02:23:53
  7. Hirpa Badane, Bedatu (ETH) – 02:24:48
  8. Gudeta Borecha, Bekelech (ETH) – 02:24:56
  9. Negash Amente, Sorome (ETH) – 02:26:40
  10. Mekasha Amare, Waganesh (ETH) – 02:27:25


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