Izmir Marathon
2022 April 10, Sunday / Distance: 10 و 42 km
Start point: Shair Eşref Blvd - Izmir

Event is Finished!

About Event

If you are into sports, and have a good lung capacity and stamina to run, join the Izmir Marathon Race .
Tehrun Club registers those interested in this competition.
This race is held at two distances, 10 km, and 42 km, so you can choose the distance you want to run according to your ability.

Izmir race time:
Izmir international competition will be held on April 17, 2022.
The 10 km race will start at 7:20 am and the 42 km race will start at 8:00 am.
The race will end at 13:00.
Marathon participants must complete the distance of 42 km within 5 hours and participants of 10 km within 2 hours.
Participants who do not finish their chosen distance in the specified time, after this period, will be directed off the track and will not be ranked in the race.
Start and end point:
The 42 km race will start from the front of the Fuar Kültürpark İzfaş building located on Shair Eşref Boulevard and will finish at the same starting point by passing near Karşiyaka Bostanlı Pier and Izmir Marina located at the entrance of Heydar Aliyev Boulevard.
The 10 km race starts from the opposite lane of Shair Eşref Boulevard, in front of the Fuar Kültürpark İzfaş building, and ends at the starting point after passing the Köprü tram station on Mustafa Kemal Sahel Boulevard.

The cost of participating in the Izmir Marathon:
It is not possible to cancel the registration in any way.
If there is a registration limit on the Izmir Marathon website and there is a possibility of a price change, the amount will be refunded.

The competition registration fee is 2,940,000 tomans.

Rules for participating in the race:
The race is conducted according to the rules of the Turkish Athletics Federation and the IAAF.
During the competition, the regulations related to the Covid-19 pandemic established by the Turkish Athletics Federation will be implemented.
Bib number, timing chip, and race pack t-shirts will be distributed from 10:00 to 19:00 on April 7th, 8rh, and 9rh at the venue of the event (Fuar Kültürpark).
It is not possible to receive a bib number and race pack on the day of the race.
Registered athletes are required to be present there themselves to receive a bib number.

Awarding of prizes for both 10 km and 42 km groups will be at 13:00 (after the race is finished) at the venue of the event.

Race route:

The Route