1401 Challenge
2022 March 21, Monday / Distance: 401 km
Start point: Anywhere You are

Event is Finished!

About Event

Definition of challenge

Nowruz has a special place in Iranian culture and is a symbol of renewal, transformation, and new beginnings. At least once, all of us have had new year’s resolutions to plan for the next year to transform our lives, and even scribbled some of our goals down. Even if none of these resolutions ever come to fruition, we still go through the ritual.
One of these developments is usually a change in lifestyle, of which exercise is the most important part.
On the other hand, in its 14 days, the Nowruz holiday provides an amazing amount of free time to catch up on any unfinished work we might have.

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We, that is, Tehrun Club, have used this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, since 2019. We designed a challenge so that people can assess themselves in these 14 days and every year run a distance equal to the number of the year (for example 97 km) as they please, at any time and place, and share their accomplishments with others.
As such, we utilized people’s motivation for transformation and made them embrace this change in lifestyle during the Nowruz holidays.

Last year, at the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic, we were able to revive this motivation again.


1200 people ran for 13 days in Nowruz to say that we are alive and spirited because we run. We heard from many people that this challenge changed their life and led them onto a new path.


That's why we repeat this every year to elevate people's moods as much as possible.

BUT,This year, in addition to the beginning of a new year, there is another event, and that is the turn of a new century.
The 14th century with all its sweetness and bitterness, beauty, and blight is coming to an end and whatever it was will be closed shut forever. We may not be able to change the heartbreaking events of the last year, the last 10 years, or the last 100 years, but we can wish for a better 100 years for ourselves, our people, and our country from the bottom of our hearts and try, run, endure and fight for this hope. With this hope, we will run this year together in the hope of "For a hundred years better than these" (Many happy returns of the day).
Maybe this run will etch a memory in our minds at the turn of the new century, and also happy people who in the years to come may reminisce about this century, the 15th century, with smiles and contentment.

But let's say that our main goal in the Nowruz challenge is to create motivation and joy in ordinary people to make a big and of course a little difficult change.

Meaning, “I wanted to do it and I was able to do it.”

Like two years ago, in this event, Saman Group is with us so that the challenge is accessible and affordable for all classes of society. We tried to provide you with the best quality at the lowest price.

Rules and implementation

One thing that we need to know is that this challenge is a little different from previous years' challenge and that we have to run the specified distance in the form of 350 teams of 4 people (1400 people).

1- Each person specifies his group during registration or leaves the choice of the group to us.

2- Before starting the challenge, each person gets a race pack including


Running shoes bag

Once the challenge is finished,

A Medal