Opening Ceremony of Iran Mall’s Health Road
2022 May 13, Friday / Distance: 6 km
Start point: Bam-e Sabz Iran Mall

Event is Finished!

About Event

In this event, the health road of the Iran Mall complex was opened with the presence of 900 Tehrun Club athletes. The runners ran the 6 km route inside the complex and its health road, which is located on the roof of Iran Mall. At the end of the second event, during a short reception for the runners, various programs were also performed. This event was accompanied by the presence of the Minister of Sports, the head of the Public Sports Department of the Ministry of Sports, and the managers and officials of Iran Mall.

Opening Ceremony of Iran Mall’s Health Road

Conditions of Participants

I hereby declare that I have read all the following and I am committed to carrying them out:

  • - I have reviewed the training route in advance and am aware of all the environmental factors and urban obstacles along the way.
  • - During the exercise, it is required to use sports equipment and use sidewalks and safe routes for pedestrians, and if there is a requirement to cross intersections, avoid any dangerous movement by maintaining precautions and respecting the right of way.
  • - I have the appropriate health and physiological preparation to participate in the exercise and in case of any injury such as shortness of breath, heart problems, bone damage, etc., I take responsibility for the medical consequences and assistance
  • - My participation is because of sports activities and I do not pursue any political or social goals.
  • اینجانب ملزم به رعایت کلیه قوانین مدون جمهوری اسلامی در خصوص پوشش، رفتارها و هنجارهای اجتماعی می‌باشم و کلیه تبعات ناشی از رعایت نکردن آن را بر عهده می‌گیرم.
  • - I take responsibility for the care and protection of all my personal belongings during training.

I agree with all the above conditions.

( با تائید موارد فوق حق هرگونه شكایت از اعضاء كلوپ تهران را از خود سلب می‌نمایم)